'Concept 0 - One System to Treat them All' is about how the conventional practice of dentistry is transformed into a harmonious experience
of oral care service for the dentist (no more bending, no broken backs, no numbness of hands and fingers) and an almost pain free treatment for the patient.

The key then is to apply Concept 0; Zero as a number, as a digit and as a state of being. 0 is the reference point.
A state of complete balance, where the operator's movements are a result of his own, natural, innate sense of body motion or proprioception,
when the operator can do the work even with eyes closed. This ensures maximum finger control with minimum or zero stress.

Concept 0 is a global principle, where 0 is total balance; in the context of Health it means perfect health or absence of need for care.

To get some idea of how Concept 0 is applied to clinical settings (indoors and outdoors), instruments, technique, diagnosis, to record data and give treatment, watch this short film ...

This film has been appreciated by:
• Dr. Daryl Beach, founder and visionary - Concept 0
• Dr. Sunsanee Rajchagool, Director, Inter-country Centre for Oral Health (ICOH), WHO Collaborating Centre for Promoting Community-based Oral Health Models, Chiang Mai, Thailand)
• PD-Promotion centre (Osaka, Japan)
• Dr. Naseem Shah, Chief, Center for Dental Education and Research, All India Institute of Medical Science (A.I.I.M.S., Delhi), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
• Indian Dental Association (IDA, Pondicherry chapter)
• Senior management members at Aravind Eye Care System (WHO Collaborating Center For Prevention of Blindness, world's largest eye care service provider, Madurai, Pondicherry)